Vineyard Management

LG Vineyard Services Pty Ltd specializes in full management of small to medium size vineyards 10 to 50 hectares throughout the Barossa Valley.

Our vision statement is simple. To be viticulture industry leaders in the Barossa Valley and beyond. Striving for continuous improvement of systems and processes, and providing innovative, effective, and efficient services and vineyard management.

Our management services agreements can be specifically tailored to include a range of technical and operational services as required, ranging from pest and disease monitoring; Herbicide Spraying; Fungicide Spraying; Soil management; Straw Mulching; Compost Banding; yield estimation; Machine harvesting; Organizing and managing all harvest bookings and grapevine bud dissection through to operations management; irrigation and fertigation management and trellis maintenance.

The Barossa produces outstanding wines and LG Vineyard Services Pty Ltd is proud to be a part of this exciting industry. With our knowledge in current viticultural practices we can assist vineyard owners to produce high quality wine grapes.

The harvester’s on-board Selectiv Process system comprises of a high frequency in line de-stemmer and an onboard sorting table. This successfully removes petioles, MOG and other waste from the sample. The harvester has an “Active’ Head” which allows the picking head to hydraulically align itself over the centre of the cordon automatically. This dramatically reduces the load on trellis posts.

The harvester carries up to 3 tonne of grapes on board, therefore the gondola or bin trailer never need enter the vine row because the fruit is always tipped at the Headland.

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