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Grape Harvesting

Grape harvesting usually begins late January and ends mid to late April. It can be an intense, but exciting time of year, as a lot of grapes tend to ripen at the same time.

LGVS is able to manage your grape harvesting bookings including picking times, transport, winery bookings liaison with winemakers and GLO’s.

We use the Pellenc Selectiv Process harvester, which is the next generation of grape harvesters. What sets this machine apart from other conventional harvesters, is its ability to sort and de-stem the fruit on board the machine, leaving leaf, stems and wood in the vineyard. Fruit can then be delivered to the winery as predominantly whole berries. This can reduce winery processing malfunctions due to MOG (Material Other than Grapes) going through the crusher. Some wineries are now negotiating higher prices for de-stemmed and sorted fruit, as clean grape samples are easier managed during processing. The fruit is clean enough to go straight into the fermenter if desired.

The harvester’s on-board Selectiv Process system comprises of a high frequency in line de-stemmer and an onboard sorting table. This successfully removes petioles, MOG and other waste from the sample. The harvester has an “Active’ Head” which allows the picking head to hydraulically align itself over the centre of the cordon automatically. This dramatically reduces the load on trellis posts.

The harvester carries up to 3 tonne of grapes on board, therefore the gondola or bin trailer never need enter the vine row because the fruit is always tipped at the Headland

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