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Straw Mulch Undervine

Have you ever wondered why some vines don’t seem to respond to irrigation during extreme
heat events where others thrive? One of the biggest benefits of straw mulch is that it helps
retain soil moisture. Vines with under-vine straw mulch cope better with our increasing number
of extreme heat events, as the feeder roots are kept at a more ambient temperature
due to a cooler soil surface. As straw breaks down over time it improves soil structure and soil
porosity allowing increased water infiltration and less runoff. There is also a dramatic reduction of
weed germination under-vine as most weeds are unable to penetrate the layer of straw.
LGVS are able to accurately quote and supply the highest quality straw and spread under-vine
in your vineyard. You tell us which blocks you would like to mulch and we handle the rest. Why
not allocate part of your vineyard to a mulching program and see the results for yourself.

Get LG Vineyard Services To Manage Your Next Straw Mulch Undervine