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K-Line Speed Tiller

The K-Line Speed Tiller is a highly efficient machine that penetrates soil at the ideal depth. For instance, Our high-speed disc tilling machine allows for better trash flow and incorporation, while simultaneously lifting the soil for less compaction. This effectively improves the quality of your soil and helps maximise crop yields.

Because the K-Line Speed Tiller handles heavy residue with ease, it moves the dirt of an offset, and is an excellent finishing tool for levelling and one-pass seedbed preparation.


Effective Weed Control

Chemical resistant weeds? Summer weeds out of control? Use K-Line’s heavy duty speed disc, The Speed Tiller to control the weeds in your vineyard.


Excellent Trash Flow and Incorporation

The Speed Tiller allows for excellent trash flow and incorporation. High levels of residue need to be chopped up and incorporated back into to soil so your seeder can sew without blockages.


One Pass Seed Bed Preparation

Our Speed Tiller simultaneously levels the field after digging. You are left with an even, well-prepared seedbed in just one pass. Quick, efficient and cost-effective, the Speed Tiller eliminates the need for a separate machine. It is a true dual purpose high-speed tiller.

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