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Compost and Mulch Banding Undervine

Banding compost under-vine often occurs in conjunction with our straw mulch program. The
compost becomes a food source for soil microbes when applied under the straw mulch and it
lasts much longer as it is protected from the rapid breakdown than can occur when exposed
directly to sunlight. Mulch on the other hand can be applied on its own producing similar benefits
to straw mulch.
Compost and mulch increase soil carbon and improves the soil structure which becomes the
foundation for a healthy soil. Healthy soil, healthy vine. LGVS use a Seymour 7 cubic meter
spreader to band compost, mulch or grape stalks under-vine. It is available with twin side
conveyor belts, or a single sided belt for heavier applications and contoured vineyards.

Get LG Vineyard Services To Manage Your Next Compost and Mulch banding Undervine