“As a fifth generation grape grower in the Barossa Valley, vineyards are in my blood! I have a passion for viticulture and helping other growers achieve the very best from their own vineyards.” – Lincoln Grocke

Featured Services

LG Vineyard Services Pty Ltd specializes in full management of small to medium size vineyards 10 to 50 hectares throughout the Barossa Valley.

Herbicide Spraying

Herbicide Spraying Herbicide spraying is best done early to maintain control.  Controlling weeds when they are small is so much easier than trying to control them when they are large and woody. By doing so less chemical will be required and weed germination will be...

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Compost and Mulch Banding Undervine

Compost & Mulch Banding Undervine Compost Banding under-vine often occurs in conjunction with our straw mulching program. Growers and researchers alike are finding compost and mulch banding to be indispensable aspects of vineyard floor management programs. LGVS are...

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Fungicide Spraying

Fungicide Spraying Fungicide Spraying is a very important part of managing a vineyard. Timely sprays are paramount to achieving clean fruit at harvest time. The spray season commences in August and ends in January. The weather and season play a huge part as to how...

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From Our Clients

We work closely with viticulturists and we love what we do. The Barossa Valley is our home and we are 100% focused on helping our local vineyards.  Our clients become part of our family and we appreciate the kind words they have to say about us. Below are some testimonials.

“Over 10 years. A reliable and honest contractor. Fantastic service. Job done with precision on time and within budget.”

Ben Radford

Managing Director, Rockford Wines

“14 years. International award winning wines. LGVS are an integral part of that success.”

John & Sue Curnow

Winemaker, 1847 Branded Wines

“Provides the service and care that is very rare to find these days.”

Charlie Scalzi

Chief Winemaker, Gods Hill Wines

“LGVS in my opinion is the most professional and well structured contractor in the Barossa Valley.”

Josh Pfeiffer

Winemaker, Whistler Wines



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